Chiropractor Lyana Nepia at home

Lyana Nepia

For me, Chiropractic is about people discovering how good their body can feel when it’s more connected!!


Chiropractor, SOT Craniopath, lecturer…


Many people choose to be a Chiropractor from an early age because of a personal experience. I fell into Chiropractic, in hindsight not really understanding much about it. But I believe life throws us things for a reason and since have been on the most amazing ‘journey’ over the last 18 years in practice and now chiropractic is who I am.

The last 18 years have involved numerous postgraduate courses in SOT, Cranial techniques, Sports injuries, Pregnancy, Paediatrics, and Extremities.

In 2004, I founded the Hampstead Chiropractic Clinic, which developed a large, loyal patient base and is still thriving today.

After years having my own clinic in London… It’s now a joy to have a dedicated beautiful space for Chiropractic and Cranial work here in Surrey.


– My involvement with SOT


Sacro Occipital Technique, a chiropractic technique, is something I have become particularly passionate about in practice. I believe SOT Chiropractic and Cranial techniques truly affect whole health at a deeper level.

After becoming certified up to Craniopath status, I now enjoy lecturing SOT Chiropractic in the UK and Europe. 

I sit on the board of SOTO Europe (the teaching organisation of SOT Chiropractic technique across Europe), of which I am the current Treasurer.

– My life surrounding Chiro


Outside of Chiro, I’m a mother and taxi to two great girls, wife to a surf mad kiwi, and spend my time enjoying pilates, tennis, gardening and camping holidays in the south west of France!!


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