Chiropractic adjustments to the spine

First session facts

What will you experience on your first visit to the Surrey Chiropractor?


Enter through the double doors to the left of the main front door. Please take a seat in the waiting area where you will be given a questionnaire and consent form to fill out. When your appointment commences, we will run through more questions to get the very best picture of your overall health. Examination follows testing blood pressure, orthopaedic and neurological function. The findings are then discussed and explained so you have a very good picture of the findings and Chiropractic care. Depending on the individual case, Chiropractic adjustments will be started.

You are always able to ask any questions throughout the appointment. Depending on the individual case, Chiropractic adjustments will be started. Following the appointment, a report of findings sheet will be filled out for you to take home at the next visit.


– Will I have Chiropractic adjustment on my first visit?


Most of the initial consultation is about getting the best picture of your current health. Some adjustments may be started if appropriate.

– Will I feel better after my first visit?


Although reducing pain is obviously of great importance, healing takes time. Most pain is due to the state of inflammation (the body’s alarm system) but it’s likely the dysfunction has taken a long time to develop. Chiropractic is not a miracle cure! However, you will be advised of ways to manage and reduce your pain.

– Will I have to take my clothes off?


Yes, gowns and shorts are provided for your modesty. Likewise, it is helpful if you bring your own comfortable (gym style) clothes to the first appointment so you feel at ease during the examination.

– How long is the appointment?


The Initial visit is 45-60 minutes in order to complete a full examination and develop a care plan.

A regular adjustment is 15-20 minutes. Please don’t think the brevity of a regular visit lessens its value! With the groundwork laid, subsequent adjustments are more effectively administered.

– Do you treat children?


Yes! Chiropractic care is great for newborns and all ages onwards! Specialised gentle Chiropractic and cranial techniques are involved. Babies and children usually love Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic hands-on manipulation of the spine to ease pain

– Got questions?

Reach out to me with any queries you may have regards to assessment and treatment.